Privately Insured

Our fees are generally aligned with those recommended by private health insurers. If you have private health insurance, we will need your insurance membership details, including your policy number. Our office will then deal directly with your insurance company. You may need to confirm that your policy covers you for the required treatment and request an authorisation number from your insurer.


If you wish to pay for your own treatment, our office will be happy to discuss and provide information about the cost of your treatment. Should you need any further procedure or operation, the private hospitals we work with will usually be able to give you a fixed price quotation for the full cost.  Our office can obtain this quote for you.

Information on Fees

Initial Consultation with Consultant £250

Follow-up Consultation (In person or telephone) with Consultant £125

Procedures carried out in Outpatient Clinic

Rigid sigmoidoscopy £120

Proctoscopy £105

Banding/Injection Haemorrhoids £120-£250

In addition to these fees the private hospital will charge for the use of equipment used at your consultation. For fees for a particular procedure, please contact us on 01223 550880 or email These fees are given for illustration purposes, as the nature of the treatment required can change.